Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why Back to School Shopping Doesn’t Have to be Lame

The long, hot, and sleepy dog days of summer are slowly coming to an end and that means school will be back in session before you know it. S [...]

3 Ways to Avoid Setting a Fire in Your Kitchen

The most common place for a fire to start is the kitchen. That’s a fact. According to data from Statistics Brain, cooking causes 56% & [...]

The Cold Hard Facts on Directional Drilling

For individuals who don’t know about directional drilling, it can seem like one big mystery. Sometimes, it can even come off as ominou [...]

The API-650 Standard is the Best to Follow When Building a Storage Tank

The api 650 standard for building a steel tank is a standard above the rest. It’s one of the most common standards used for building t [...]

3 Reasons Why the Oil and Gas Industry is Booming

When dealing with oil and gas, we at Dragon Products understand the urgency to highlight the reliability of equipment used for fracking. To [...]

What to Look for When Buying an Above Ground Storage Tank

What is an Above ground storage tank Above ground storage tanks are storage containers which are not buried beneath the ground and are used [...]

7 Facts for Those Considering and Eco Friendly Burial

In the last decade, cremation and eco friendly burials have become increasingly popular in the U.S. Cremation offers a cost effective, envir [...]

4 Sneaky Spots that Bacteria is Lurking in Your Workspace

When cleaning an office space, it’s easy to focus on the areas that we typically think of as the dirtiest: toilets, floors, trashcans, [...]

3 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Agency

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You must recently have started a venture you believe in. You are selling something you believ [...]

Steam Trap Maintenance Improves the Efficiency of Your Boiler System

Steam boilers are used in a variety of properties, from laundries to restaurants, from colleges to apartment buildings, and various other in [...]
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