Alicia Prince

Alicia Prince

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You can shop for groceries. You can shop for electronics. You can shop for sports equipment! So why can’t you shop for employers? Enter Alicia Prince. Alicia is part of a group of avant-capitalists whose mission is to create brick-and-mortar storefronts where one can purchase abstract concepts. While her contemporaries specialize in purveying desire, love, the color blue, etc, Alicia enjoys working with concepts related to human resources and work life. Her latest project is The Employer Store, a store where you can purchase concepts like ’employment’, ’employer’, ’employee’, and ‘timeclock’. In a particularly libertarian utopian twist, she also allows customers to pay prospective employers money for the privilege of being employed by them. Who says that cash has to flow from employer to employee, why not the other way around? These kinds of experimental questions are the reason that Ms. Prince gets up in the morning. On this blog you can also find articles about job searching, finding the right employer for you, resource staffing, employment agencies, and more.

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