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Whether you are a homeowner or looking for a commercial HVAC for your rental property, it is important to remember the environmental effects of your new heating and cooling system. After all, 54% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is used for HVAC and water heating systems.
While one good way to mitigate the environmental cost is to frequently service your unit and update when necessary, there are also a number of different systems that are designed to specifically reduce environmental impact.

Geothermal HVAC Systems

These systems are specifically designed to use the Earth’s more consistent temperature to regulate the flux of temperature outside.

It works by creating underground pipes that contain water or refrigerant. When the temperature is colder in the house than outside, they funnel heat into your home. When it is warmer, it helps to cool down your home.
While a Geothermal system costs more to install, the fact that they do not have to produce heat on their own means that they will cost less in the long term.

Solar Power

A solar powered system works much in the same way as a conventional HVAC system would, but without any reliance on outside sources of power. That means there is little or no byproduct from your system, which will help to reduce your environmental footprint.
Like Geothermal systems, a solar-powered system has a significantly higher cost of installation, but there are government grants to help soften that burden. And the solar powered system will cost less even than the geothermal, as none of the energy used will come from an outside source.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

Whereas conventional heat pumps will not be efficient in colder weather, the dual system upgrade will allow you to reduce costs by specifying how much energy is needed based on the temperature.
A cool autumn day and a winter’s night will require two vastly different responses. While a traditional system uses only one tool for both challenges, a duel system will use a heat pump during milder chills and a furnace during a more extreme cold.

When looking for ways to make your heating more environmentally friendly, it is important to speak to the HVAC contractors at your local commercial HVAC companies. These HVAC services will be the best equipped to help you understand your needs and options, whether that is a simple poolpak servicing or a total system replacement.

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