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How to Maintain and Repair Your HVAC Units

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No matter what the temperature is outside, we can rely on HVAC systems to keep businesses and homes comfortable all year round. Heating and air conditioning units help to keep the climate from interfering with our everyday lives. By providing proper maintence, you can ensure that your cooling and heating repairs are minimal. Optional energy-saving options are also available for those wishing to cut down on their energy bills.

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Knowing more about your HVAC system can help you prepare better for maintence. For instance, the lowest legal efficiency for new gas furnaces is 78%, with some models achieving up to 97% total efficiency. You will likely need to replace a furnace that is 15 to 18 years old. A heating repair specialist can help you find a HVAC system that works well for you, whether you’re looking to cool off or heat up.

Regular maintence can spare you from having to buy a new system prematurely or pay for pricy repairs on your existing system. recommends changing the filters on your home HVAC system every month, or at least every three months depending on the filter. also recommends having professional maintence on your system every six months, usually once before summer and once before winter. Such heating repair options can help to reduce your energy waste, a furnace or boiler can be upgraded from 56% to 90% efficiency to save up to 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year in a colder climate. Keeping in mind the nature of the equipment, know that if a key piece like the heat exchanger or control module fails on your HVAC unit, you ought to consider replacing the furnace if it is near 15 years old rather than call a heating repair specialist for the job.

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